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Aura Photography Through Bio-Well GDV Device

Check Your Aura at Our Andheri Mumbai Center: We also do Aura Photography or Aura Scan and give report on health. please contact -98210 55216.

Aura photography India

Aura Photography is refer as an Analysis of human energy field that surrounds a whole body of person.Your aura photography Image is based on how your Present energy and Chakra Balancing in the moment, so if you get another aura photography image taken a Month later Aura Image Will look different after Healing by Healers.

The Aura photography that we do Through Biowell Camera and it presents reports of the energy human body and Chakra Balancing Report.

At Mumbai Andheri center, we provide Aura Photography Services and Provide Reports on Aura Energy, Chakra Balancing Report and also provide a detail Health Status Report of Whole Body and Body Vital Organs

In India Mumbai, We offers the Correct Aura reading of the Person Body along with the Aura Photography Report that establishes a future course of approach to a person health. Aura Bio-Well Camera or GDV Camera is used by our Mumbai center for Aura Photography.

What is Aura-Photography? - Know More Click Here

Russian Bio-well Camera Aura Photography Get Aura energy analysis done in 15 minutes to know health problems of your full body. Please phone on +91 7045698373 for appointment.Fees - INR 3000/- only. 

Aura Scan Test by Aura Energy Reading Bio-Well GDV Camera

Aura photography Mumbai

BIO-WELL GDV CAMERA - Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov


Revolutionary Instrument
to reveal Energy Fields (AURA PHOTOGRAPHY, CHAKRA BALANCING & STRESS LEVEL) of Human. The Bio-Well is the most recent commercial development incorporating the powerful technology of GDV/EPI techniques by Dr. Korotkov, providing health practitioners a more accessible and cost effective medium than previously available. The product consists of a desktop camera and accompanying software, allowing the user to quickly and easily conduct human energy scans. To buy Biowell GDV Camera Mobile:+91 98210 55216 / Email:

Calibration Unit

The Bio-Well Calibration Unit is an attachment necessary to calibrate the device. MORE INFO

Aura photography Bio well Calibration Unit

The BIO-WELL CARRYING CASE offers protection and organization of the Bio-Well and its accessories. The double-zipper pulls back to show a soft, padded compartment which may be separated into sections using the 2 included removable, padded velcro walls.MORE INFOAura photography Camera Bio well CARRYING CASE

Bio-Well Filters are used for capturing fingers. They allow to decrease the influence of fat and sweat on the fingertips, hence showing stress on physiological level more than on psycho-emotional. MORE INFOAura photography Camera Bio well Filters

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